40th wedding anniversary gives artist’s painting a new lease of life.

40th wedding anniversary gives artist’s
painting a new lease of life

John Lowrie Morrison OBE exhibition – Argyll – The Isles – Venice
5-17 May 2014 at Gallery 8,  8 Duke Street St James’s London SW1Y 6BN
Autumn light back of Iona Village

Autumn light back of Iona Village oil 30 x 30 ins

Internationally renowned landscape artist John Lowrie Morrison OBE who signs his pictures ‘Jolomo’ returns to London for his 13th Annual London exhibition with Corrymella Scott Gallery. John Lowrie Morrison, who sings himself as Jolomo, lives and works on the west coast of Scotland. He paints in the expressionist style and his shows have been sell-outs, attracting an international following and in demand from individual collectors and corporations alike.

In a Forward in the catalogue for  the exhibition Susan Mansfield, arts writer, says “For centuries, artists have been drawn to Venice: Turner, Monet and Whistler all immortalised the city. Today, La Serenissima continues to cast her spell over people who paint, with her labyrinth of ancient street and canals, dramatic sunrises and sunsets over the lagoon and the mesmeric play of light on water.

Dawnlight on the Lagoon Venice

Dawnlight on the Lagoon Venice oil 24 x 24 ins

John Lowrie Morrison had no intention of painting Venice. When he visited for the first time in August 2012, as a fortieth wedding anniversary celebration with his wife Maureen, he was not looking for material. But he found it all the same. “

This exhibition brings together paintings of the canals and buildings of Venice to the paintings of places familiar to the artist for 40 years namely Argyll and the Scottish Isles…



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