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Project Description

Peter Skirka (1936-2008) was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1936 and was one of the most renowned and distinguished wildlife artist-illustrators noted for his faithful and painstaking rendition of wildlife in its native habitat. Died in August 2008. He attended the Newark School of Fine Art and Industrial Design and the Phoenix School of Design in New York. A veteran of the US Air Force, Peter Skirka was stationed in Japan and while serving there had the opportunity to travel to Africa to paint African antelope.

These 12 pictures are original paintings commissioned by Winchester Press, New York and printed as a book “African Antelope” in 1971. On behalf of a private client, who was left these paintings by Major D. K. Beaton MC, Managing Director of Winchester Press, we are offering these stunning portraits all of which are mounted on acid-free mounts.

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