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Project Description

Born under African skies, Ruth Bond has worked and travelled in many countries across the globe, absorbing cultures, colours, textures and especially the beauty of the natural world.

Over the last 16 years the combination of these have inspired her design work (she’s an award-winning interior designer) and now the light and subtle colours of the coasts of Northumberland and the Western Isles of Scotland infuse her paintings with some of the most dramatic skies and strikingly beautiful beaches in the world.

Ruth’s most recent work reflects her 2017 visit to the Outer Hebrides where she realised that the colours of the natural landscape reminded her of the colour combinations of the renowned Harris Tweeds.
Each painting in this collection is based on a particular Harris Tweed swatch, the starting point limiting the pallet mixed from just these colours. As a result the landscapes resemble not just the purple, peaty rivers, vibrant turquoise of the seas, blindingly white beaches, and heathery moors but also the natural.ingredients that went into dying the yarns.

“Colour has always been the most important element of my landscapes and seascapes, and the colours I discovered in the Outer Hebrides were astonishing almost beyond imagination. Attempting to capture these in my paintings has been a beautiful experience”.